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This scene, even without a kiss, is swoon- and rewind-worthy. You want to hug whoever lit Eric—even with the Hep-V veins, he’s never looked better. He needs to stand near Sookie when he asks what kind of trouble she’s gotten herself into, then back away when she tells him he can’t die on her. The way he looks her up and down before asking how she’s been (s—-ty) instantly conveys that he still wants her but also lets us know this moment isn’t about that. He gets smart with her when she tells him that she was with Alcide: how is being with a werewolf getting her life together any better than being with a vampire, he seems to ask. But when she tells him to stop because Alcide died that morning, he does. He seems genuinely sorry that she’s lost someone else she cares about and takes her in his arms for a lengthy, comforting hug. It’s almost a release, that moment when someone you know is strong and capable of handling the weight, is finally there. “Where were you?” she asks, weakly. As he plays with a strand of her hair, he tells her: He’d gone home to Sweden, then unfortunately triggered an avalanche (I knew it!) that took out an entire ski village. He went to South America, then Africa, then to Europe. He says he wanted to see the world one last time. As he wipes a tear from her cheek, he asks her again what kind of trouble she’s in, and this time, in almost a whisper, you know he really wants to hear it so he can help. (…) He and Sookie look at each other and she tries to smile, thanking him for helping. But he has tears in his eyes. Without words, he’s saying goodbye in case he never sees her again. He nods and turns to leave.
It’s crazy how just last week, the thought of the series returning to a much-desired Bill-Sookie-Eric triangle was unfathomable. And in the span of one hour, it’s made conceivable. It’s the power of a look, a line delivery, an embrace—and what it can convey when you have seasons of history behind it. By EW (via missfordtb)